"Greg and I met over twenty years ago and discovered we shared a mutual love for flying and for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ..." - Captain Dan Mack (American Airlines)
"A mile-high view on God, daily living, relationships, and faith struggles and victories makes this book worth the read." - Reverend Eddie Kirby
"Captain Greg Johnston combines his thirty-plus of years experience on the flight deck to form this book of encouragement. Although the flight scenarios he shares apply to aviation, the biblical principles they illustrate will also apply, in a unique way, to daily life." - 1st Officer Ann Smith (American Airlines)

About the Author

CAPTAIN GREG JOHNSTON flies the Airbus A-321 for American Airlines. He resides in Pascagoula, Mississippi with his wife, Beth. Greg began flying in October, 1973 at the age of 16. He began instructing student pilots while in college at the University of Mississippi. After obtaining his degree, he moved to Montgomery, Alabama where he began his career working up the ranks as a flight instructor, charter pilot, and corporate pilot. Finally, in May 1986, he was hired by USAir and began flying as a first officer on the DC-9. In 1988 Greg flew a trip with a captain who shared his faith and stirred his interest. It was after that trip that he began seeking God, and while reading John's gospel, received Christ as his personal savior.